Tapestry inspirations for your bedroom

The bedroom is a very private place. You should feel comfortable and calm there. A tapestry can help with this. Especially mandala tapestries have a very calming effect.
With our tapestries you can decorate either the ceiling above the bed or the wall behind it. If you hang the cloth over your bed, you can lose yourself in the evening in the sight of it.

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Imagine trying to get some rest after a long day, lying in bed staring at the ceiling, but not being able to fall asleep. A common problem in today’s world.
A mandala tapestry in the bedroom will help you! The concentric pattern leads your gaze to the centre and helps you to switch off. The flowers, elephants and oriental paisley elements form a calm mandala. This can stimulate creativity and perhaps give you a pleasant dream. Looking at a mandala for a long time calms the mind and helps you fall asleep.
Tapestries are often decorated with a string of lights. These provide pleasant, passive light. The warm white lights do not dazzle and promote cosy snuggling in.

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