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How to hang a tapestry

You want to hang up your new tapestry? Never hung textiles on the wall? No worries. Here we give you some advise and helpful information to hang tapestries on the wall or ceiling. 

If you follow these instructions, you will see your tapestry hanging safe and sound in no time. You can also find some helpful supply for your new project, such as curtains clips or tapestry tacks. There are several ways to hang a tapestry. Lets get started.

How to hang a tapestry without nails

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The preparation: Measure the correct distance

  • Large tapestry

For large tapestry, we recommend a distance of  approx. 2 meters. Then the tapestry sags a little in the middle and the fabric throws nice, loose folds .

If you prefer to hang the wall hanging tightly, so that the print comes into its own, drive the nails in at a distance of approx. 210 cm.

  • Medium size tapestry

Most medium sized tapestries show the design upright with a width of approx. 140 cm or length of approx. 210 cm. For nice, loose folds, take about 10 cm less space or stretch it tight with a smooth edge. Then take the specified side length +2 cm for the tapestry clips→.

  • Small tapestry

Our small tapestries in approx. 75×100 cm are made of thin, but firm material and weigh less than 100 grams.

These can be hung up wonderfully with double-sided tape or adhesive strips. This way you won’t leave any residue on the wall if you live in a student residence or sublet.

If you don’t mind a small hole in the fabric, you can use matching tapestry tacks→ for the small wall hanging.

Note : If you use curtain clips, calculate approx. 2 cm of the bracket. Make sure to hang the tapestry by the sewn edge. This is more stable and the clip can be attached better than on the selvedge.

Hang a tapestry without drilling – Best ways to hang a tapestry

Decorating walls without drilling is often desirable. With indian tapestries this is very easy:

How to hang a tapestry without nails – Sticking it to the wall

If you want to stick a tapestry to a wall without nails, you can easily use command strips. This is an easy way to hang tapestry without damaging walls. You can buy these in every department store for little money. Traditional indian tapestries→ are very light and made of thin cotton fabric. So you can use strips or both-sided tape to hang your tapestry on the wall, without fearing that it will come down on you, while you sleep.

> For hanging a tapestry on the ceiling, we recommend something stronger. More about that in the lower section of this article.

Use nails and clips

The best and easiest way to hang a tapestry, is to use nails and curtain clips.

  • Small nails

If you have small, thin nails, test these on the wall, before using more extreme measures. Small nails can often be driven in far enough to hang up your tapestry.

  • Concrete nails

If this does not work, because the concrete is too strong, you should use special nails (concrete nails). These can puncture most concrete walls without splintering the wall and enlarging the hole.

  • Curtain clips

We offer very strong curtain clips, which you can use to hang the tapestry easily and safely. The clips have a strong handle and a practical hook that secure the tapestry on the wall. Also, you do not have to perforate the fabric and your wall hanging can be removed quickly and easily if you want to change it or use it for something else.

  • Pushins or tapestry tacks

If you don’t have any nails at hand, pushpins or tapestry tacks can also help. However, experience has shown that these are often not very durable. The slightest tug on the tapestry makes them come loose and they often end up in the bed or on the floor.

How to hang a tapestry on a concrete wall

If you have concrete walls without wallpaper, drilling holes might be necessary.

  • If you have a drill at your disposal and are experienced in using it, it is clear what to do: drill two small holes at the right distance from each other.
  • If you are not very experienced in drilling, make a precise plan and get help.

IMPORTANT! Before drilling, find out about the condition of the wall and whether and where pipes, e.g. for water and electricity, run!

Ceiling tapestry – Another way to hang a tapestry

The most impressive thing to do with a large tapestry. This way, the full mandala will be visible from every angle in the room. Most of our customers hang their tapestry on the ceiling, right above the bed. So, if you are lying on your bed and look up, the large mandala will comfort you and maybe help you to think about your upcoming events or help to calm your mind and support a good sleep. The following will explain how to hang tapestry in dorm the most impressive way.

And since the ceiling is often empty anyway, its the perfect spot for a large piece of decorating fabric.

Small advise: Use a bright colored tapestry, otherwise it might me slightly oppressive, especially if your ceiling is not too high.

What to use

To fix the cloth on the ceiling, we again recommend a combination of small nails and curtain clips. If you dont want to see the nails, you can paint them in white color, before you use them.

Thumb tacks or adhesive strips are also suitable. A cloth attached to the ceiling is safe from children playing and accidental contact. Therefore, thumb tacks and adhesive strips in every corner are usually sufficient.

A good alternative is adhesive tape, if it is strong enough. Note: This can also be a problem, depending on your wallpaper. To hang a large tapestry, you need stron tape. If the tape is too strong, on the other hand, it might stick to the wallpaper and damage it, if you try to remove it. Maybe try the chosen tape on a small piece, before you start your tapestry-project.

Mandala Wandtücher in türkis und blau an der Wand und der Zimmerdecke

Do not hang up your tapestry on the ceiling, all by yourself. That way you can fix the cloth while the other person holds it tightly. Otherwise, the weight of the fabric will pull the tapestry out of the ceiling again and again, and the actually beautiful process of room decoration will become frustrating..

Give your tapestry dimension

If you have a mandala tapestry, you can give it a special effect and make it three-dimensional.

Mandala Tuch, dreidimensional über dem Bett

If you have enough space, pull the centre of the mandala back and attach the fabric to the wall behind it with a clip and thread or a thumb tack. This gives your tapestry a three-dimensional effect to lose yourself in. The easiest way to do this is with a mandala on a sloping roof.


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