Patchouli – a mystical essence

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A mystical essence

When people talk about patchouli, they usually mean Indian or Javanese patchouli. The oil with the typical, heavy and long-lasting scent is extracted from the dried leaves of the plant.
In Germany, the earthy, woody, balsamic and sweet scent is mainly associated with the hippie or gothic scene. The scent is very special: you either love it or don’t like it at all. Because of the strong scent, you should definitely be careful with the dosage.

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What is Patchouli?

The botanical name is Pogostemon cablin and it belongs to the labiates family. Patchouli is a persistent, herbaceous plant or semi-shrub. It grows upright to a height of up to one metre. The stems of the plant are felt-like hairy. The leaves are circular or broadly ovate, dark green and also felt-like. The popular oil is extracted from the leaves by steam distillation.

Where does patchouli come from?

Originally, patchouli comes from India, Malaysia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia.

What is patchouli used for?

Patchouli is used in the perfume industry and in medicine. The oil can also successfully repel insects and moths. It is also an aphrodisiac. When used as a fragrance oil, patchouli helps people get rid of self-doubt and inner turmoil.

How is patchouli used?

Patchouli oil can be diluted and applied to the skin. It can help against various skin diseases. But there are also mouthwashes with patchouli against various oral diseases.
It can also be a component of supplements for swallowing. In this application, it is said to reduce fever and help against nervousness and depression.
Patchouli can also be inhaled. In this way it can help against exhaustion. It can also be used as a room scent in a fragrance lamp.

Patchouli Incense Sticks

There are also incense sticks with a patchouli aroma. They are usually made from patchouli wood powder, patchouli oil and thickened sugar cane juice. They are particularly convincing because of their intense, typical fragrance.

What is the effect of patchouli?

Due to its ingredients, patchouli also provides a number of health benefits. It is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Because of this antibacterial effect, it is used, for example, against colds and herpes. Patchouli oil also helps cell renewal and has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.
Aromatherapy with patchouli can also help against anxiety, sleep disorders and stress.

What should be noted

If you use patchouli because of a skin disease, you should discuss this with a doctor or the qualified staff in a pharmacy beforehand.
As patchouli is mainly cultivated in Southeast Asia, it is transported over very long distances. Consequently, it causes a large CO2 footprint.
If you use patchouli oil only for its fragrance, you should use synthetically produced oil. Of course, this has no effect on health.


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