Nothing creates such a unique atmosphere as the incense of essential oils and resins. Incense mixtures of spices, tree bark or resins are burned in the form of incense sticks or cones. Depending on the aroma, each incense has different effects and areas of application. In addition to spiritual support, some substances also have cleansing properties for the body.

Incense sticks – incense with a long tradition

Incense sticks belong to the traditional incense and have been used for centuries.

Palo Santo – the Sacred Wood

Palo Santo – The strong and very aromatic scent of the wood makes it a very popular choice.

Nag Champa – Effect and Origin of the lovely Flower

The typical Nag Champa fragrance is composed of a mixture of plant, flower and herb aromas.

Patchouli – a mystical essence

When people talk about patchouli, they usually mean Indian or Javanese patchouli. The oil with the typical fragrance is extracted from dried leaves.

Sandalwood – sensual and oriental

Through the sensual scent of sandalwood, you can mentally transport yourself to the colourful world of the Orient.

White Sage – Indian Incense Sage

White sage is one of the most effective plants for cleansing spaces, people, living beings and even everyday objects.