General Care Advice

Textiles want to be treated properly so that they have a long life to live. In this section, we provide you with instructions on how to properly wash our products.

Due to the traditional process of block or screen printing, as well as the dyeing of our wall towels, bedspreads and bedding, they require gentle care.

Pflegehinweis handwäsche

Hand wash

Separate hand wash in cold water. Add detergent only in very small quantities and dissolve well in the water beforehand. Instead, we recommend adding half a glass of colorless vinegar to the wash water. This fixes the colors and softens the fabric. Then leave the textiles in the water for 10 minutes. Please do not rub, crumple or roughly wring them. The textiles may release color during the first wash, but this will not harm the luminosity.

Note for gold prints: Gold prints cannot be cleaned with solvents containing water, as the gold print dissolves in water.

Pflegehinweis nicht bleichen

Do not bleach

Not suitable for detergents containing bleach or stain removers.

Pflegehinweis nicht trommeltrocknen

Do not tumble dry

Not suitable for tumble dryer.

Pflegehinweis bügeln

Ironing with low temperature

Ironing with a maximum of 110°C / 230°F.

Note for gold prints: Iron only on lowest setting from the back side

Pflegehinweis nicht chemisch reinigen

Do not dry clean

Dry cleaning only applies to gold prints.

For all other textiles, do not use solvents or stain removers.