Fair Trade

Karmandala’s handling of trading partners

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Unsere Partnerschaft

Friendly relationship

We are fortunate to have a close and friendly relationship with our suppliers and have daily exchanges about our products, work and personal life.

During our trips to India we have already learned a lot. About the existing processes of the textile industry in India, as well as about the experiences and future aspirations of the workers.

Fairer Lohn

Fair wages for all involved

The fair payment of our employees is very important to us. This includes not only our own employees, but also our suppliers. We maintain close, direct contact and consultation with the manufacturers of our products in order to be able to promote and improve regional development locally in the best possible way.

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We analyze the manufacturing process and supply chains very closely and get involved where possible and requested by our partners.

Karmandala Startseite Trennlinie Düne
Fairer Lohn

Fair payment guarantees the best quality

We do not negotiate prices to save costs. This allows our distributors to create fixed conditions without having to deal with price pressure. In addition, we prevent cheap materials from being used or the production from suffering as a result.

Fair payment ensures the livelihood of our dealers and the quality of our goods.

Produkte aus Baumwolle

Low pesticide cotton

Our cotton comes from the south of India and is grown almost pesticide-free. This increases the prices for the raw material, but improves the working conditions of the harvesters and the subsequent processing industry.

Oekologische Herstellung

Natural colors

The inks used for printing the cloths are of natural origin and are mixed on site according to a traditional recipe.

Keine chemische Fixierung

No chemical ink fixation

Instead of chemicals, acetic acid is used to fix the colors.

Working conditions of our manufacturers

During our periodic on-site visits, we make sure that pay is above the national average and that working conditions meet our standards. We do not demand that others work where we would not do so ourselves. All employees receive a fixed salary and are not paid on a piecework basis. This gives employees stability and the ability to plan ahead. Even in the Corona pandemic during the lockdown, the salary continued to be paid.

Faire Arbeitszeiten

Working time

A working day lasts from eleven o’clock at noon until seven o’clock in the evening. During this eight-hour shift, there are two tea breaks and a lunch break during which everyone eats together. Water, tea and lunch are provided by the employer.

A work week lasts from Monday to Friday. In rare cases, workers are also on duty on Saturdays.


Respect for each other

Muslim employees can attend their five prayers every day and are given time off for Friday prayers.

On national and religious holidays, all employees have time off. These days are often celebrated together or with the family.

In addition, there are voluntary gifts for birthdays and holidays.

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