Bedding Ombre Mandala aquamarine

From 59,90

🌱100 % Cotton
✋🏽Handmade in India
🌏Fair trade

From 59,90

🌱100 % Cotton
✋🏽Handmade in India
🌏Fair trade

Duvet cover with Ombre Mandala in aquamarine

Mandala bedding made of pure cotton. In set with matching pillow.
We were often asked for it and have now produced a first collection of beautiful Mandala bed linen. From now on you can order your favorite Mandala cloth as a matching comforter cover and pillow.

Mandala bedding in two sizes

The bedding set is available in two sizes: for single beds as well as double beds.
Single bed:
1x cover for comforter in 135×200 cm
1x cover for pillow in 80×80 cm
Double bed:
1x cover for comforter in 200×220 cm
2x cover for pillow in 80×80 cm each
All covers have a white, sewn zipper, which is not visible and hardly noticeable. Also, this is made of plastic, which prevents any annoying rattling.

Bedding for the whole year

Our Mandala bedding is made of pure cotton with high thread count. This means the cover is breathable, comfortably warming and suitable for thin summer as well as thick winter blankets.
The thin cotton fabric is pleasantly cooling on the skin, but retains emerging heat in bed, which makes the bedding extremely cozy.
Cotton as a material for bed linen has the additional great effect that it becomes softer with each wash.

Duvet cover with mandala in aquamarine

Indian mandala bed linen with a color gradient from a light to a strong turquoise on a background in white. The traditional ombre mandala consists of a floral pattern with gradient colors in the outer rings. Surrounding the mandala is a loose stamped pattern.
Care Instructions:
Traditional mandala bedding requires gentle care. You should therefore wash the cover only on max. 40 °, preferably on the gentle cycle and without fabric softener or other aggressive care products.
In addition, turn the cover inside out so that the wash cycle does not wash out the printed mandala over time. For more on washing comforter covers, see our general care advice→.

The meaning of a mandala

Practitioners use a mandala as a visual meditation aid. Creating and focusing on the mandala helps to release mental blocks and supports the ability to concentrate.
If you want to learn more about the effect of concentric patterns, read our blog article on the meaning of mandalas→.

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