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Mandala Bedding & Duvet Cover Sets

Mandala bedding and duvet cover sets made of pure cotton. In this soft bedding, you will sleep comfortably warm and airy. Our Indian cotton bedding is something very special. Indian bedding combines traditional craftsmanship and a cozy boho style through natural fabric and oriental mandala look.

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Mandala bedding sets in two sizes

Indian duvet covers come in two sizes for comforters: For a single bed in 135x200 cm and for a double bed in 200x220 cm.

Both sizes are variable to a few centimeters. So the comforter cover fits also for a comforter in 140x200 cm, or even for 200x200 cm without any problems.

Indian boho bedding made of pure cotton

Karmandala bed linen is made of pure cotton. The natural fabric gives the comforter cover a soft, cozy feeling. At the same time, the material of Mandala bed linen is very light and airy, which provides ideal heat balance.

With bed linen made of pure cotton, you will never be too warm or too cold. Cotton has many positive properties: the natural fiber is durable, breathable and from sustainable cultivation. So the ideal material for bedroom textiles, probably the most important textiles in the home. Especially for bed linen a great effect: a comforter cover made of cotton becomes even softer with every wash!

Boho duvet covers for all seasons

Our mandala style bedding is suitable for all seasons, whether summer, autumn or a cold winter. The firm but not too thick cotton fabric is pleasantly warm, soft to the touch and provides good air circulation. If you are warm, the thin fabric feels pleasantly cool on the skin. If it's cold outside, you can wrap yourself in the warm Mandala bedding and you're guaranteed not to freeze. The Mandala comforter cover fits accordingly on a thin summer comforter as well as for a thick down comforter.

Reversible bedding Mandala style

Our bedding has a mandala on both sides. No matter how restless you sleep or how often you pull the comforter back and forth with your partner, the boho style mandala always remains. Not only is the bedding printed on both sides, but the mandala pattern is intrinsically symmetrical and not fixed to any particular direction.

Mandala bedding sets

Each comforter cover comes in a set with matching pillow in approx 80x80 cm. A set of Mandala bedding in 200x220 cm contains two pillows and a comforter cover in 135x200 cm contains a single pillow in the matching shade. If this number is not enough for you, you can buy additional Mandala pillows in our shop→.

All comforter and pillow covers come with a hidden zipper. This is hardly noticeable and does not interfere with sleep.

Bedding with mandala in bright color

Mandala bedding by Karmandala is a unique test project to give another use to traditional mandala tapestries. For the start we have chosen the most popular mandala in our store and offer them for now in black, purple, turquoise, blue and ocher For the future we have more collections in planning.

Indian bedding needs a gentle care.

The mandala patterns of our bedding are applied by traditional screen printing and the colors are mostly of natural origin. This gives the oriental bedding a unique flair. However, this method of production also implies the need for gentle care. To ensure that the colors retain their strength in the long term, we recommend washing at 40 °, without fabric softener or particularly strong detergents.

You can find detailed washing instructions for our Mandala bedding in our general care instructions→.

Note: If you are allergic to dust mites and regularly wash your comforter cover at 60° or more, the colors of our Mandala bedding may fade over time. Completely the print will not disappear, but the intensity of the print will suffer under regular heavy use.