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Indian curtains & drapes

Indian curtains and drapes made of 100% cotton. Two-piece curtains with indian mandalas & symbols. Translucent and opaque. Easy to hang, with attached loops. Suitable for any curtain rod.

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Curtains can do much more than protect from prying eyes or darken a room. A curtain improves the room acoustics and contributes significantly to a good atmosphere in the room. You should therefore choose your curtains carefully: Our Mandala curtains have a calming effect and support your concentration at home or at work. The opaque Indian curtains and drapes differ significantly from classic window curtains.

Indian curtains and their effect

The colorful curtains attract all eyes. They are made of pure cotton and are opaque, but permeable to daylight. Thus, they conjure up a unique atmosphere in the room. A colorful Indian curtain looks most beautiful when the room is decorated with matching cushions, bedspreads and other home accessories.

Surely you have heard that colors can affect your mood and health. For example, you can significantly determine the energy in the room with colorful mandala curtains.

Which curtain for which room?

A curtain with a spiritual motif like the Tree of Life is suitable not only for living rooms, but also for waiting rooms or therapy rooms because of its powerful meaning and varied pattern. Looking at the mighty tree and the many nature-related elements, you will start dreaming and may even forget about time.

Curtains for the office or workplace are more suitable in muted, calm colors. Perhaps a blue mandala curtain is suitable. Blue has a cool and calming effect. Light blue is assigned to the 5th chakra, the larynx chakra, and promotes communication. Indigo blue is the color of the 6th chakra, the brow chakra. It supports the imagination and concentrated work.

If you prefer rather non-colorful patterns, a golden curtain is made for you. Our curtains with gold print are not too intrusive in terms of color and match any wall color or decor. Since all curtains are nevertheless translucent, a curtain in white-gold has a brightening effect and by a curtain in black-gold the room is slightly darkened without completely blocking out the light.

Curtains made of 100% cotton🌱

Each Karmandala curtain is artfully hand sewn. Indian curtains are made of 100% cotton and can be draped decoratively. For easy hanging on a curtain rod, 5 loops are sewn on each part.

Opaque and translucent

All curtains are opaque, but daylight shines through. Depending on the color of the curtain, beautiful plays of light will appear in your room when the sun shines. This effect increases the more colorful your curtain is. A special play of colors is created by the curtain with Tree of Life in orange.

A curtain as a room divider

Even though curtains and mandala drapes are meant to be window decorations, there are many other uses for them.

You can use them as room dividers, as door curtains or to separate the sleeping area in a smaller apartment. Unorganized shelves quickly look cluttered and therefore untidy. Where a closet door is missing, a decorative curtain will remedy the situation in no time. Maybe you like to sew both parts together and use the beautiful Indian curtains as a bedspread? There are no limits to your creativity!

Curtains washing and care

Indian curtains are traditionally woven from cotton and dyed or printed with natural dyes. They require careful care without aggressive detergents and fabric softeners.

Read more about this in our general care instructions for cotton curtains!