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Decorative cushions

Cushions are omnipresent objects in our homes for furnishing and decoration. Indian decorative cushions catch the eye with playful designs and colorful patterns. Combined with plain, muted decor, colorful cushions give your home a cheerful, oriental style.

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Karmandala offers a select collection of colorful cushions from India in different sizes and for different purposes. Get inspired by a variety of colorful and elegant designs made of geometric patterns and iconic symbols.

Best cushion material: Jute or cotton?

Decorative mandala cushions have been matching accessories to our mandala tapestries since the beginning. Fabric remnants from tapestry production are used to sew our Indian decorative pillows. This way, misprints can be recycled and get a second use by embellishing your home as decorative mandala pillows.

New to the store are jute pillows. The pillow cover is made of hand-woven jute. The natural fiber is very durable, making a jute pillow ideal as a seat cushion on the floor. Unlike colorful mandala pillows, the natural colored pillow covers bring warmth and coziness to your home.

The firmer jute pillows can be wonderfully used as seat cushions for sofa, armchair or even on the floor, while the soft cotton mandala pillows are great as decorative pillows on the sofa or for a cozy reading corner.

Cushion manufacturing

All our pillow covers are artfully handmade and traditionally printed or woven. They are made from all-natural raw materials and have been dyed with organic dyes.

Our mandala pillows with Indian patterns are made of soft cotton fabric to bring you home colorful design and oriental beauty of Indian culture. The kilim style pillows are made of sturdy jute. The sturdy natural fiber is a sustainable, strong fabric which has been used for textile production for centuries.

Each cushion is absolutely unique. Traditionally, the pillows are handmade by artisans whose families have been doing their business for generations.

Indian decorative pillows are ideal for adding a splash of color to your home. Whether in the study or the reading corner, you should feel comfortable when working or creative processes. Especially artistic work needs inspiration and a pleasant environment. Decorative Indian cushions will change the atmosphere of your room and bring it into harmony with you and your surroundings.