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Mandala Cushions

Decorative cushions with mandala pattern and oriental decorations. Each cushion is handmade from recycled fabric scraps, each is unique.
Available with decorative edge of tassels and pompons or smooth edge..

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What is the meaning of a mandala cushion?

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means 'circle'. Mandalas have inspired people for thousands of years. Some of the most beautiful works of art in the world are mandalas in Hindu temples. The concentric patterns have been used there for creative meditation since time immemorial.

Mandala patterns not only decorate the floors of Hindu temples and the walls of many homes throughout India. Buddhist monks create colorful mandala patterns from dyed sand or crushed earth. A Mandala is painted in spiritual sessions that last for hours, only to be destroyed again after meditation. The concentric circle represents our physical world and the center represents the divine.

Whether as a seat cushion, yoga mat or wall decoration; In meditation, a mandala is used as a tool to calm the mind and promote concentration. You can therefore often find mandala decor in places such as yoga studios, therapy rooms or at home in the bedroom.

The making of a Mandala cushion

Each mandala pattern contains different geometries that represent a certain idea or concept. The circular pattern promotes instant calm and a sense of harmony. The eye is always drawn to the center, which makes it pleasing to the eye and does not allow for distractions.

Our mandala pillows are handmade from recycled fabric scraps and vegetable dyed. They are printed using traditional screen printing techniques.

Only natural, eco-friendly raw materials like cotton are used to create these beautiful pillows. They are available with a decorative trim of tassels and pom-poms or plain edge.

The oriental designs of Karmandala pillows used in these creations are perfect for embellishing your bedroom, meditation room or living room and complement any decor style.

Set the scene with mandala cushions

Create a welcoming and cozy space that is calming and comfortable with our Mandala collection. Our mandala pillowcases are made with care to ensure that each design is a unique work of art.

Pair the soft pillows with a matching Mandala tapestry, Indian curtain, or take it to the next level with a Mandala rug. With so many possible combinations, you're sure to find one that suits your personal style.