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The dream catcher is a Native American relic that adds a mystical nuance to any bedroom. Here you can buy original dreamcatcher. And who knows, maybe it will save you from bad dreams too.

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Original dreamcatcher

The native american wall hanging with feathers and natural elements can be found almost everywhere nowadays. A dreamcatcher has a calming effect and is an aesthetic wall decoration. Whether in the bedroom above the bed or at the workplace. The alternative wall decoration has long ceased to be anchored only in alternative hippie rooms.

Dream catchers in the original consist of a hoop of willow wood, wrapped with leather cords and decorated with precious stones and owl feathers. Today, there are many other variations, some of them in a more modern style. Where can you still find owl or eagle feathers today and who still uses animal leather as decoration?

In our dreamcatcher shop you can still buy original dreamcatchers in typical boho style. With or without feathers, with fabric instead of leather and natural wooden beads as a substitute for gemstones. Adorned with decorative crochet pattern. The effect is not missed by this. The muted colors harmonize beautifully with each other and give your room a soothing atmosphere.

The dreamcatcher shapes

Most variants of the mystical mobilé have a basic shape of one or more rings. These show a net made of yarn or thin rope, in which dreams are said to be caught. Some dream catcher also have the shape of a crescent moon or have an oval shape, depending on the origin and style of the dreamcatcher.

Depending on the application of fabric ribbons and feathers, some dream catchers have a very long tail. If you want to hang a dream catcher freely in the room, e.g. over your bed, make sure that it does not hang too low. Otherwise, there is a risk of tearing it off during a careless movement.

Buy dreamcatcher from Karmandala

With us you can buy dreamcatchers with feathers or as a vegan version. The vegan dreamcatchers are mainly made of rattan and cotton, partly decorated with wooden or glass beads. Since all variants are made of natural material, you can easily hang them over your sleeping place, where they should develop their effect.

The right material for dream catchers

We generally prefer natural, sustainable raw materials for all our items. However, some of them are not suitable for every purpose. Therefore, if you are looking for a dream catcher for outdoor use, we advise you to choose one made of metal or even plastic. This way, your new decorative object won't weather or disintegrate due to prolonged exposure to moisture.

For the interior, any form of material is suitable. So you can adapt your interior style to your new dream catcher. Whether muted natural in beige, brown or white or dark in black and gray. With its aesthetic appearance, a dream catcher fits any style and in any room.

Dreamcatcher from small to large

A small dreamcatcher is just as eye-catching as a large one. Among other things, they are available as mini keychains, as jewelry or as a decoration for your rearview mirror in the car.

Of course, a large dreamcatcher has a different effect on the environment. Who has not stood in front of a market stall at the festival or on vacation and admired the giant XXL dream catchers, which swing in the wind and make every boho heart beat faster. With us you can also find giant dream catchers with a diameter of up to 60 cm, plus feather tail!

In our dream catcher store you can get an overview with the help of the filters by material and diameter, to be able to decide better when buying.

What is the meaning of a dreamcatcher?

If you are interested in the history of the Indian relic besides the decorative effect, you can find everything about the meaning of dream catchers → in our blog.