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Indian Bedspreads

Find your indian bedspread with mandala pattern at Karmandala! Due to popular demand, we have converted a thick mandala blanket into a bedspread. So you can give your bed or an old piece of furniture an oriental style, which complements your wall decor.

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What is a bedspread used for?

A mandala bedspread is not just decoration, even if it looks beautiful. The oriental bedspread mainly protects your bed from dust. If you live in a smaller apartment and your bedroom is also your living room, a bedspread turns your bed into a seat when needed and protects your bedding from dirt and crumbs. Bedspreads are usually made of thick fabric and create warmth and coziness in your home.

You can do a lot with a large living room blanket with an indian mandala. Usually, however, a bedspread is found on the bed as a decorative throw. But also as a general cover for furniture such as sofa and armchairs, the large living blanket is ideal. You can also hang it in the room and use it as a temporary room divider or in the park as a seat. The thick fabric of our Indian bedspread is ideal for this purpose. It is cozy and firm, so you don't have to worry about damaging the thick cloth.

In the summer, the Mandala bedspread also serves as an alternative bedspread for many people. The thick fabric of the Mandala bedcover is pleasantly soft and warms sufficiently on warm days.

In the winter, the large Mandala blanket is a nice extra layer for the comforter when it gets really cold outside and you still like to sleep with the window open.

Technically, you can also use any of our Indian tapestries as a bedspread. We separate the products here because the fabric of traditional tapestries is much thinner than that of the bedspreads shown here.

What size are your bedspreads?

Indian bedspreads are usually found in a size of about 220x240 cm. This makes the oriental living blanket longer and wider than most beds. This has the advantage that it not only covers the mattress and bedding, but also protrudes a little on all sides. Thus, it provides adequate dust and privacy protection. Besides, the hand-knotted tassels have an additional decorative effect and give your bedroom a light, cozy boho style.

Bedspread in finest indian cotton

Bedspreads should be made of natural fabric to make you feel comfortable in your sleeping quarters. We generally choose sustainable raw materials like cotton, jute or hemp for our products. The feeling of lying on a soft fabric with a natural texture is so much more pleasant than on artificial fabrics like polyester.

In addition, cotton has several advantages:

  • Cotton is suitable for allergy sufferers
  • The natural fiber can be washed without any problems
  • Cotton fabric is very durable and long lasting
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What goes well with a mandala bedspread?

Mandala fabrics have a calming effect on the entire living space. To complete the style, you can find matching mandala pillows, rugs and Indian curtains. So you can give your bedroom an individual new look and still create a uniform style.

Now new: Mandala bedding in boho style!

On the Karmandala Instagram and Pinterest channel you'll find plenty of inspiration and decorating tips for decorating with Indian decor, check it out!

Traditional bedspread from India

Like most of our products, our Mandala bedspreads come from India. They are woven with love by our partners and then printed. We focus on a fair relationship and a partnership at eye level.

Bedspreads from India are special

India is known worldwide for its high-quality and innovative textile production. Indian home textiles are basically handmade and made of natural material.

This makes our mandala bedspreads so individual and personal. Just like us humans, each piece is unique and individual in its own way.

Faithful to our current range, we have decided to produce for the time being bedspreads with mandala. We love the concentric patterns just like you and would like to expand our assortment constantly. Of course we are also planning to produce more oriental patterns! If you want to learn more about it, read our blog article What is a Mandala? →

How do I wash an India bedspread from?

Indian bedspreads desire gentle care. We recommend washing your new mandala blanket separately in cold water. Preferably with a dash of colorless vinegar. This softens the fabric and fixes the natural colors.

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