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Golden Curtains

Curtain in gold with oriental patterns. Gold curtains consist of two curtain scarves with sewn loops for hanging. The fabric loops of the curtains fit on any curtain rod.

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Curtain with gold pattern

Oriental curtains with gold pattern look noble and more discreet than colorful models. Printed with a golden lotus flower, an Indian mandala or Hamsa hand, you will bring oriental glamor to your home. The transparent curtains let in the sun's rays and the gold color glitters in the sunlight. The effect is uniquely beautiful.

If you want to darken the room, choose a curtain in black gold or in another dark color. Even in black, the fabric is slightly transparent, but protects from strange looks.

Golden curtains are translucent, but opaque

The golden curtains are translucent, but let light through. When daylight shines from outside through the slightly transparent curtains, the curtain bathes the room in a golden play of colors.

Curtains in black gold darken the room, but the gold color shines in the light glow. Especially at night, black curtains prevent the incidence of disturbing light, for example, from streetlights or passing cars.

A curtain in white gold keeps direct incoming light outside, without casting a strong shadow. Thus, the gold print contrasts with the light fabric and the gold pattern stands out clearly against the fabric. A bright fabric of curtains & drapes also looks friendly and inviting to residents and visitors.

Curtains with noble gold color

Curtains in gold have a high symbolic power. The color of the popular precious metal represents permanence, wealth and the  essence of light. Gold is a metallic hue, is considered the color of the sun and symbolizes grandeur and royal exclusivity. Golden accents in the room look sublime and noble. In esotericism, gold is considered symbolic for the highest point of spiritual development.

Golden curtains in 100% cotton

All gold curtains are made of pure cotton and printed with metallic golden color on one side. The soft but strong fabric can be draped decoratively and falls smoothly.

Cotton is an ideal fabric for decorative curtains. Cotton is durable, yet soft and flowing. This makes it easy to create decorative pleats on which the golden color shines without the fabric becoming wrinkled. Curtains made of cotton are uncomplicated to clean and are easy to iron.

Cotton curtains also have additional positive properties on the climate and acoustics in the room. They insulate the room and keep cold air outside in winter and warm air outside in summer. Loud noises are reduced, which contributes to a quiet atmosphere.

Care tips for gold curtains & drapes

Gold curtains washing

Gold curtain patterns are printed on the fabric, rather than woven in. Because of this special technique, we recommend dry cleaning. The gold color is water soluble and will be treated by a washing machine like an unwanted stain. The result of a machine wash would therefore be a curtain without a pattern. Alternatively, our Mandala curtains are suitable. With these, the pattern is printed in instead of on and therefore does not come off when washed with water.

Contrary to the general recommendation of dry cleaning, we have already received positive reports about a very careful hand wash in cold water. In order not to dissolve the gold color, do not use strong detergent or even fabric softener. In general, we recommend a little colorless vinegar as an additive in the water for washing textiles. Vinegar fixes colors and softens the fabric. This makes the fabric of the gold curtains fall even softer afterwards and drape better.

Before washing, you should shake out the curtains vigorously. This will remove coarse particles such as dust or loose gold paint.

Curtains in the dryer

If you have washed your gold curtains, they must of course get dried. We recommend doing this on a line in the fresh air. There is the same risk in a dryer as in a washing machine, meaning the gold print will come off due to the spin. Additionally, curtains can shrink in the dryer and wrinkles can occur.

Now, if it is raining or drying in the fresh air is otherwise not possible and you want to use your dryer, we recommend drying the gold curtains in a laundry net for protection so that the gold print is less stressed.

Ironing gold curtains

Whether washed or not, most people like to iron fabrics once to remove any wrinkles created by storage and transportation. For our gold curtains, we recommend ironing the fabric from the unprinted back side. This way there is no risk of the gold color coming off or even discoloring due to the heat of the iron.

If you want to avoid wrinkles without ironing, we recommend hanging the curtains directly after washing. This way, any wrinkles will hang out by themselves and you will save ironing.