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Indian Tapestries

Indian tapestries are the easiest and most effective way to decorate your wall and give your room an individual atmosphere. Each tapestry is handmade from 100% cotton and available in different sizes.

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Since 2021, provides high quality Indian tapestries from fair trade. The indian wallhanging enjoys great popularity as oriental wall decoration, bedcover or as a practical beachtowel.

Whether as a extra large tapestry or as round mandala beach towel: Karmandala provides you wallhangings in different sizes and more than 300 color combinations, so that your new tapestry fits you exactly.

Tapestry - what is it for?

A traditional indian tapestry is a form of wall decoration. With an indian tapestry, you can decorate your room without having to paint the walls. You can simply hang it on the wall, in front of your windows or under the ceiling. The Indian wallhanging gives an oriental style to any room and can be changed in a few simple steps if you wish.
A traditional Indian tapestry should always be handmade of pure cotton.

Indian tapestries in different styles

The most popular designs are gold tapestries, mandala tapestries and psychedelic tapestries with spiritual symbols.

Golden tapestry→

A tapestry in gold creates a luxurious touch of the orient. The golden color shines in the sunlight and gives the room grandeur and warmth. In esotericism, gold represents the highest point of spiritual development.

Mandala tapestry→

A mandala tapestry is used to support meditation and as wall decorations for rituals and ceremonies. Focussing on a mandala has a calming effect on the mind and enhances concentration. A large mandala tapestry above the bed is eye-catching and promotes a peaceful sleep.

Psychedelic tapestry

A tapestry with psychedelic symbols shows deities, power animals and religious protective signs of Indian culture. A wall hanging with energetic symbols and mystical motifs can be activating and empowering, stimulating the mind. Psychedelix tapestries denote special designs as well as black light active patterns.

How are tapestries made?

Each tapestry from Karmandala is made by our partners in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the largest state in India and is known worldwide for its traditional and high-quality way of textile production. Here our tapestries are handmade with a lot of experience and attention to detail. Each tapestry is handprinted using block printing or screen printing techniques.

Is my Karmandala tapestry fair trade?

Karmandala stands for fair trade and business relationships at eye level. Since 2015, Karmandala is the one address for fair trade home textiles from India. Indian tapestries are at the heart of our assortment.

All items in our store are sourced from well known producers with whom we work for many years now. There are no price negotiations from our side, our dealers set the fair price for them. Local working conditions are very important to us and we are happy to work with open-minded partners. All employees in the factory receive fixed wages, regardless of whether production is currently possible or not (in the rainy season, for example, production is not possible). Here→ you can learn more about the working conditions on site.

The meaning of an Indian tapestry

The design of Indian tapestries is inspired by cultural, spiritual as well as religious symbols. An indian tapestry is used in many ways, e.g. as a support for meditation, as temple decoration or for the decoration of yoga and therapy rooms. We have summarized the meaning, as well as information on the origin and use of indian tapestries in our blog→.

Tapestries from small to extra large

The largest tapestry style we offer has a size of approx. 230x210 cm. Large tapestries are ideal for decorating the whole wall in your room. It is also simply beautiful as a bedspread and at festivals, large mandala tapestries regularly decorate camps as a sunshade.

For a more simple wall decoration, our tapestries in medium size (approx. 200x140 cm) are ideal. These slightly narrower mandala wallhangings are great as drom room decoration, for example, above the bed or behind it.

For decorating doors, shelves or small corners, there is also a small tapestry (approx. 75x100 cm). A small tapestry has a slightly more delicate print than the larger variants, but is still an absolute eye-catcher in any room.

Wall tapestry for outdoors?

The outdoor use is only conditionally recommended. Since all our tapestries are dyed and printed with organic colors, the fabric should not be permanently exposed to the weather. There is no issue in using a mandala tapestry in the garden or as a sun screen on the balcony. But the tapestry should not hang outside for a long time. Otherwise, rain can wash out the colors or sunlight can cause them to fade.

Where can I buy an indian tapestry?

Karmandala is an online-only store with no local retail store. We ship every day and usually your new tapestry arrives within 24-72 hours. However, if you prefer to browse and see colors and fabrics live, you will surely find what you are looking for with our local partners!

How do I wash an indian tapestry?

On our general care instructions page→, you will find all the information you need on how to properly care for your tapestry. Depending on the type of print or the nature of the material, Indian tapestries require special care so that the bright colors remain strong in the long term and do not dull.

How to hang a tapestry?

Hanging a tapestry is quite simple and quickly done: all you need are either two nails, thumbtacks or double-sided adhesive tape. We recommend a combination of nail and curtain clips to avoid damaging the scarf. In our blog you will find a detailed tutorial on How to hang a tapestry→, with useful tips, so that your wall does not have to remain bare anymore.

For inspiration on how Indian tapestries look in a room, check out our customer gallery and Instagram.