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Gold Tapestries

A gold tapestry looks noble and luxurious: the gold color shines in the sunlight and radiates warmth and security. We offer a variety of background colors. Most appreciated is the gold and white tapestry. There are three different designs for your new golden wall decoration:

  • Hand of Fatima: powerful protective sign and symbol of good luck.
  • Golden Lotus: the lotus flower is considered sacred and is a symbol of knowledge, purity and enlightenment.
  • Ombre Mandala: traditional mandala pattern with floral elements and ornamental decorations.

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Gold tapestry for special decoration

Gold is the color of nobility and of the sun. In some cultures, gold is the color of wisdom and enlightment. The sunlight, energy of all life is considered as golden.

A gold tapestry will bring all that and more to your room. The slightly shiny golden color on the fabric glitters in the light of the sun or of fairy lights. With a gold tapestry, you will enhance the astmosphere of your room and all the surroundings. Golden tapestries are more than a simple form of wall decoration. A gold tapestry will catch all eyes and give you a special feeling of warmth and comfort.

Gold is not a color?

Strictly speaking, gold is not a color, but a precious metal, as we all know. BUt of course, to our eyes, the warm, yellow shine of that metal is one of the most precious colors we have. A gold tapestry combines the lack of color with the impression of the most valuable color in the world. A golden tapestry shows usually a plain base in black, white or other dark tone. In that way, the contrast between the fabric and the gold print gets enhanced and gives the gold tapestry its special look.

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