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Golden Lotus

The lotus flower is one of the most profound symbols of mankind and is revered as sacred. The lotus is a symbol of clarity and perfection and is a symbol of purity in many cultures. In India, the lotus flower stands for knowledge and enlightenment, the color gold symbolizes the sun and life energy.

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Wallhanging with golden Lotus flower

In Hindu mythology, the lotus blossom symbolizes the origin of the universe, because from it emerged the god Brahma, who created the world anew. The daily "awakening" of the lotus blossom from the muddy waters is compared with the rising of the earth from the primordial sea, i.e. the creation of the world.
Furthermore, the lotus also represents divine purity in Hinduism, i.e. a quality that is only attributed to gods. This is comparable to enlightenment in Buddhism. The opening lotus flower symbolizes how the human soul opens to the divine truth.

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