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Mandala Tapestries

A mandala tapestry is used as a traditional meditation aid to calm the mind and promote concentration. Today, mandala tapestries are increasingly found as modern oriental wall decoration in living rooms and bedrooms.

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Each mandala tapestry tells an individual story:

Tapestries with Peacock Mandala

A tapestry with Peacock Mandala reminds of India's national animal, the peacock bird. The peacock is considered sacred in India and symbolizes success and prosperity. The oriental pattern consists of a concentric mandala surrounded by floral decorations of flowers and blossoms.

Tapestries with Ombre Mandala

The traditional Ombre Mandala tapestry features oriental elements with a slight color gradient. The floral mandala consists of a loose pattern with flowers, vines and ornaments. The Ombre Mandala is one of the oldest Indian mandalas from Jaipur.

Tapestries with Star Mandala

The Star Mandala is an important basic form of the mandala. Hindu temples are therefore laid out in a star shape, with important elements in each cardinal direction. A mandala symbolizes the palace of the spirit and is said to represent all spiritual realms.

Tapestries with elephant mandala

The elephant is considered sacred in India and is revered in all areas of life. The Elephant Mandala is dedicated to the popular symbol of luck and strength. Elephants used to be important beasts of burden for caravans. The traditional mandalas tell the story of travelers and traders.

What is a mandala and what is its meaning?

Mandalas are circular, concentric patterns. The word mandala comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit (मण्डल) and means circle, also circular image or circular. You can learn more about the meaning and use of mandalas in our blog article.