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Round Beach Towels

A round beach towel is ideal as a seat on the beach or in the park, as well as a bedspread and throw.

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Beach towels in round shape

A round mandala beach towel captivates with its alternative circular shape. Visually, the round mandala cloth is the eye-catcher on the beach or in the park. If you sit with several people on the mandala blanket, the round shape invites you to sit in a circle on the beach towel. In this way it is wonderful to picnic or play together in a circle.

Round beach towel for on the way

Each mandala towel is about 185 cm in diameter and weighs less than 500g. This makes the beach towel easy to store and take anywhere. You can roll it up or use it as a warming cape when it gets chilly in the evening. The pure cotton fabric is warm, pleasantly soft on the skin and does not scratch.

A round mandala cloth for your yoga class

Round mandala blankets are popularly used to create a small, secluded area of calm during yoga or meditation. The circular mandala helps to focus and find inner peace. The circular mandala pad puts you in front and center, because your yoga time is just for you and your exercises for body and mind.

Each beach towel is artfully handmade

The round mandala cloths are made in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The oriental mandalas are applied using screen printing techniques. This can lead to individual irregularities, which gives each mandala cloth a unique character. As a finishing touch, each beach towel has a sewn-on edge of white fringes.