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Spiritual Tapestries

A tapestry with spiritual symbols gives you strength and helps to come to peace. In addition to images of the well-known Hindu deities such as Ganesha and Shiva, many spiritual symbols as well as images of power animals are worshipped in India.

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Spiritual tapestries show not only gods:

Wall hanging with spiritual symbols

An elephant tapestry can be a spiritual anchor. The powerful animal is considered a power animal and sacred not only in India. The elephant symbolizes wisdom, strength and long life. Looking at the animal has a calming and focusing effect.

Tapestries with tree of life motif bring something natural into your room and loosen up bare walls. The sacred tree of life is considered a life-giver and tells the story of eternal rebirth.

As wall decoration the hand of Fatima has a powerful effect on the surroundings and is considered a lucky charm and protective symbol. Similar to a dream catcher, the symbol is said to filter bad dreams, promoting restful sleep.

A tapestry with Om sign is often found in yoga studios or therapy rooms. The Om sign, the most famous mantra, is recited for meditation and prayers. Before, as well as after a yoga practice, the AUM is spoken or chanted. The sacred syllable ॐ gives inner peace and the achievement of a, meditative state of mind.

Wallhanging with Hindu deities

Devotees hang murals or place images of their deities to meditate under and make contact with their god.

Ganesha, the most famous Hindu god is considered, among other things, the patron saint and can be found in almost every home, office and public building. A Ganesha tapestry connects you with the holy deity and brings you closer to the story of the god with elephant head.

Not only in Hinduism you can find many meaningful symbols and images. Where they come from, what effect they have and in what form they are widespread, you can learn in our blog.