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Hindu god Ganesha

Ganesha, the mighty Hindu god with the elephant head. Ganesha is probably the most popular and well-known god in the Hindu pantheon and is considered the lord of obstacles and the bringer of good luck.

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Ganesha tapestry, showing the elephant-headed god

Ganesha is also called 'Lord of Obstacles' and is symbolic for removing barriers and overcoming problems. Ganesha is invoked as a god of luck when it comes to difficult decisions and stands by the believers in every difficult situation in life. The Hindu god is considered the bringer of luck as well as wisdom and the destroyer of obstructive traits such as vanity and selfishness.

Ganesha is also called Lord of the Hosts. Gana, the hosts, are all good forces in the universe. Gana are servants of Shiva, angelic creatures.

Most depictions show the elephant-headed god with four or more arms, dancing or sitting on a lotus flower or his mount, the mouse.

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