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Om sign

An Om tapestry brings serenity and focus to your room. With a large Om wallhanging as decoration, you will find serenity and be able to focus completely on yourself. Om, also Ohm or Aum is considered ‘the sacred syllable’. It describes the universal whole and initiates a deep, spiritual meditation.

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What is the Om sign and what does it mean?

A spiritual wall hanging with the mantra Om ॐ gives inner peace and supports the achievement of a deep, meditative state of mind. The mantra Aum symbolizes the essence of all being. The three letters A, U and M stand for three different levels of consciousness. A represents the waking state and awake consciousness in the material world. U expresses the dream consciousness and the dream state. M, which often vibrates during meditations and should be stressed somewhat nasally, stands for the state of deep sleep and enlightenment.

As one of the most commonly used syllables in mantras, Om is not only very well known and important to Indian culture, but also worldwide. For practitioners, the chanting of mantras is extremely important. The energy emanating from the syllable sequences has a positive effect on the speaker of the mantra, but also on the listeners. Especially in a chant they are correspondingly powerful. Om can be used alone as a mantra or can be part of a sequence. One of the most energetic and widespread mantras is "Om mani padme hum". This mantra is the universal mantra of love and compassion and is believed to have a purifying ability. Om or Aum circumscribes the visible as well as the invisible.

Where does the Om sign come from?

The mantra Om comes from the Sanskrit language, which consists of several varieties of ancient Indian. Sanskrit is a language that is over 3,500 years old and is still one of the 22 national languages recognized in India. The character in the Devanagari script looks like this: ॐ and is for us in the Western world also a sign of Indian culture and Indian tradition. Thus, it carries something mystical and mysterious but also primal and the purity.

Om is the most all-encompassing symbol in the religions Hinduism, Buddhism as well as in Jainism and has been used for a long time especially as a mantric syllable. In many scriptures, the sacred syllable even has its own character instead of being written with the sequence of letters O and M, or even A, U and M. Already thousands of years ago the powerful sign was used as wall decoration. Learn more about the meaning of the sacred syllable in our blog article about the Om sign.