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Comfortable pants with airy cut and full freedom of movement. Our pants are a great alternative fashion, for every style and figure. The supple viscose and soft cotton pants are ideal for yoga, on the go and festivals.

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Harem pants

Indian Mandala fabrics are not only eye-catching as wall decorations, you can also conjure up alternative clothing from them! Our harem pants are not only incredibly cozy, but also beautiful. The light, flowing fabric is made of fine viscose and perfect for warm days. Viscose is very breathable and cooling on the skin. → Buy Harem Pants

Aladdin pants

Djnnie pants give your legs a lot of free space, you will hardly feel the pants. This is where the pattern comes into its own nicely. Thanks to the attached drawstring, you can also wear our Aladdin pants as a jumpsuit.

Aladdin pants are one of three variants of our casual pants. The low-cut pants are often found at festivals and turn you into a Djinnie in person. The lightweight fabric flutters around you and hugs your body perfectly. This gives you the utmost freedom of movement for any situation.

Summer or winter, home or away, Aladdin pants from Karmandala are the perfect casual wear for a colorful lifestyle. → Buy Aladdin Pants

Goa Pants

Goa pants? What is that supposed to be? Goa pants are simply alternative, colorful, funky pants. Some with abstract patterns or psychedelic designs. What makes Karmandala Goa pants stand out is the high quality workmanship! The pants are made of strong cotton, for intensive and long-term use. Due to the numerous pockets you don't need an additional backpack and are equipped for every festival and party with Goa pants from Karmandala. → Buy Goa Pants