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Aladdin Pants

Get your new Aladdin pants from Karmandala! These airy harem pants are made of lightweight viscose, with a wide cut and flexible waistband. Ideal for outings, parties and festivals on warm summer days.

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What are aladdin pants?

Aladdin pants are harem pants with a low cut. The name after Aladdin comes from the oriental style, which is the basis of these pants. Low cut harem pants are known from oriental countries like India, Pakistan or Afghanistan. Depending on the region, they are also known as Afghani pants. Nomads and traveling merchants have been wearing similar clothing for many years on their journeys through the desert.

In warm countries, airy pants made of thin fabric are very popular. They allow maximum freedom of movement. The thin fabric, often made of viscose or thin cotton, has a cooling effect on the skin.

Who has never wished to wear an airy skirt instead of tight jeans in summer? An Aladdin pant offers the ideal comfy compromise for everyone.

How do I wear Aladdin pants?

Our aladdin pants can be worn like regular pants. The airy pants allow for yet another style:

Low-cut Aladdin pants can also be worn as a jumpsuit. For this purpose, it has strings at the waistband, which can be connected at the neck. The flexible waistband at the ankle also gives the pants a firm hold when pulled up like shorts. This way you can either cool your feet in the water or give your legs some fresh air.

Aladdin pants are ideal for summer

Aladdin pants are especially popular on warm days. Since summer is the festival season, it is no coincidence to see more colorful harem pants at this time. For festivals, outdoor parties and summer outings, aladdin pants are the perfect attire. In the alternative garment you feel free, mobile and as if a cloud nestles against your legs. The soft viscose fabric is so cozy, you won't want to wear anything else in the summer.

If you like wide pants with a low cut, you definitely won't want to do without them in winter. For cold days, thick goa pants are more suitable than our aladdin pants made of thin fabric.

Are Aladdin pants unisex?

Yes. When buying your new Aladdin pants, you don't have to pay attention to a specific cut. All of our cozy casual pants fit any gender and any body shape.

The very flexible waistband hugs your hips beautifully, whether you wear size XS or XXL. The leg length is also flexible. The elastic at the ankles allows you to easily adjust pants that are too long.

How do I wash my Aladdin pants?

Our Aladdin pants are made from pure viscose, which is of natural origin. You can wash clothes made of viscose in the machine. We recommend 40 degrees gentle wash, preferably in a laundry net. Viscose is very absorbent and dries in a few minutes after washing.

The first time you wear your new Aladdin pants, they may discolor slightly. Therefore, you should wash the pants alone the first time.

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