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Harem pants

Your new harempants made of light and airy viscose. Ideal for warm days as chiller pants for home and on the road. Each harem pants comes in one variable size and can be worn in different ways.

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Harem pants with straight cut

Straight cut harem pants are the perfect pants to feel good in. The supple viscose is light and feels cool to the touch. Thanks to the wide waistband and elasticated waist and legs, the harem pants sit comfortably without pinching and give you full freedom of movement.

Mandala harem pants

Indian harem pants have a large mandala printed on them, which give the cozy low-cut pants a Djinnie vibe. Due to this style, the are also commonly know as Mandala Pants. The oriental patterns are applied by hand, with custom wooden stamps.

Find your cozy harem pants for home, yoga or the next festival.

All Karmandala harem pants are fair trade and handmade with love by our partners in Jaipur, India and Chiang Mai, Thailand.