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Rugs from India

Rugs with mandalas and indian symbols. Traditionally hand-knotted from sturdy cotton, our mandala rugs are suitable as a base for yoga or meditation.

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Mandala rugs

Besides sustainability and fair trade, Karmandala stands for oriental fabrics of all kinds. Since we were often asked for it, we had our most popular mandalas printed on rugs and are just as thrilled with the result as you are. The result is a beautiful mandala rug, which is the perfect size and texture for yoga or meditation. Our Mandala rugs have decorative fringes, are hand-knotted from sturdy cotton and printed using screen printing technology.

Jute rugs

Since we are big fans of Indian textile art, we would like to constantly expand our range. Therefore we have introduced matching jute rugs to our assortment. The colorful patchwork rugs in our store are made of braided jute and recycled fabric scraps. The result is sustainable rugs made from natural raw materials. Colorful jute rugs are wonderful as decorative rugs in the bathroom, bedroom or even as a play rug in the living room.

An oriental rug brings warmth and security to your home. Made of thick woven cotton fabric, a rug warms the floor or wall and protects from the cold in winter.