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Jute Rugs

Hand woven rugs made of sturdy jute. In round, square and rectangular. Handmade from natural fibers and recycled fabric scraps. Produced by skilled artisans from India.

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Patchwork rugs made of natural jute.

Jute, along with hemp and sisal, is a very robust plant fiber. Rugs made of braided jute have a coarse but firm structure and feel pleasantly warm and soft. When combined with cotton, jute becomes very durable and retains a soft feel. Jute carpets are easy to maintain and have anti-static as well as soundproofing properties.

Each jute carpet is hand woven

In the manufacturing process, the jute is braided into long strands. Then the jute is sewn together with colorful fabrics. This creates a unique pattern. As a round carpet in the form of a spiral or as a rectangular carpet, with a pattern like a labyrinth.

The fabrics used are cotton and come from other areas of textile production. By recycling these colorful fabrics, a unique, colorful and environmentally conscious jute carpet is created.

The ideal place for a jute carpet

The jute carpet is coarsely woven and has a pile height of about 0.5 cm. Round rugs are suitable as a rug in the bathroom or bedroom. Smaller round rugs are often used as underlay for large planters and other decorative elements. Large jute rugs are often used on the terrace or as a play rug for children.

Washing of jute carpets

Jute carpets are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The carpet should not get wet, or be kept dry. If the jute ever gets really wet, dry the rug carefully with a hair dryer. Since the rugs are coarsely woven, they often pick up dust and coarse dirt as rugs in the entrance area. You can easily remove this with a vacuum cleaner and beat the rug out in the open.

Do not wash out coarse stains wet! Wipe them off with a damp cloth, if necessary with a little dishwashing liquid or natural vinegar.