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Mandala Rugs

Find your Mandala rug at Karmandala! Each rug is artfully handmade from natural cotton and printed with a traditional mandala. The thin, firm rugs are wonderful as a thin doormat in the bathroom and bedroom, as well as a yoga pad.

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A mandala rug is special

A mandala is a circular, concentric structure. The word mandala comes from Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) and means circle. Mandalas are created to purify karma and aid meditation. Mandalas are ancient geometric shapes and can be found in many cultures. Especially Hinduism and Buddhism know many forms of the mandala.

In our blog article you can learn more about the origin and meaning of mandalas →.

What is a mandala rug suitable for?

Mandala Rug for yoga

The concentric structure has a profound history and a powerful effect. Due to the spiritual as well as calming properties, a mandala rug is popularly used as a base for yoga and meditation.  Due to the firm but soft material, the mandala rugs are very suitable as a base for yoga, Pilates or meditation. The rug is easy to transport, e.g. rolled up like a yoga mat.

Our rugs are made of thin, strong cotton. They are rather coarse and tightly woven than soft and fluffy. This makes them suitable as a base for yoga and meditation. You can easily and quickly roll up your mandala rug to take it outside or roll it out where you need it.

Rather round or rather angular?

Round mandala rugs are very trendy. They combine the circular, concentric mandala with an aesthetic round shape. A round rug fits anywhere and makes a great accent. Also, a rug in round breaks the classic design of decorative flooring and catches all eyes.

If you are looking for a round rug but Indian mandalas don't appeal to you, you can find round patchwork rugs made of natural jute fiber and recycled fabric scraps.

A square mandala rug offers you more surface area in relation to the round version and, depending on the style, fits better as a rug in front of the sofa or bed. Nevertheless, since the mandala print is circular, the edge of the square rugs is decorated by oriental flowers and ornaments. The rectangular mandala rugs also have decorative fringes, which the round rugs lack.

Are mandala rugs suitable for outdoor use?

Whether you decorate your home indoors or outdoors is up to you, of course. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and find the ideal place for your new Mandala rug. Of course, you can also take your new mandala rug outside. Whether for a yoga session in the garden or to a meeting in the park. The rug is lightweight and flexible. So you can easily transport the Mandala Rug and use it as a seat and pad against a cool floor. The fabric is made of pleasant cotton and warms pleasantly from underneath.

However, the natural fabric is less suitable for long-term outdoor use. Since it is pure cotton, the fabric draws moisture and the weather affects it after a certain time. Therefore, we recommend to use the Mandala rugs outside only for a short time and then dry them briefly. In the long term, the Mandala rug will feel more comfortable indoors ;).

What material is the Mandala rug made of?

All our Mandala rugs are made of 100% natural cotton. The sturdy natural fiber is woven by hand into a thin but strong rug. That the rug is handmade, you can tell by small, natural irregularities in the fabric. There a new thread has been tied to the previous one. This creates a unique, individual Mandala carpet.

How are Mandala rugs made?

The art of weaving a carpet is unfortunately more and more replaced by machine production. We are proud to support our partners as well as independent artisans in India. Each rug is woven by hand and thus represents a unique handicraft. Nevertheless, or just because of that, our Mandala carpets are high quality processed. The attention to detail makes the certain something.

After the rug is woven, it is printed with a traditional mandala.

How to care for your Mandala rug

Traditional rugs made of natural fibers require special care. If the rug gets wet, dry it directly in the sun or carefully with a hair dryer. The rug will not tolerate machine washing, as the material may warp and the print may come off. Wipe stains on the carpet with a damp cloth, if necessary with a little colorless vinegar.

If the rug is in the entryway and picks up a lot of dust, vacuum it regularly and knock it out outside.

For more tips on washing Indian home textiles, see our general care advice.

If you want to hang up your mandala rug, you can find instructions on how to hang a rug on the wall.