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Tapestry with elephant

An elephant tapestry as wall decoration brings your home the largest and probably the most popular living animal. And that as a powerful, decorative wall hanging. The elephant is considered a symbol of strength, wisdom and promises a long life.
A positive influence is said to the encounter with an elephant.

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What is the significance of an elephant?

The elephant is not only the largest mammal living on land. An elephant is considered a sacred power animal and spiritual symbol in India.

Elephants are widely regarded as a symbol of strength, endurance and family cohesion. The large pachyderms are delicate creatures, very persistent and empathic.

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Elephant tapestries in different sizes

The elephant is not only personally our leading animal, but also our favorite. We love and adore the huge creature, so we are even more pleased that a wall towel with elephant enjoys great popularity.

We offer you the elephant as a wall hanging in three sizes and many color combinations. So you will always find the right wall decoration and do not have to do without the elephant. The Indian tapestry with a large elephant brings peace into your room and protects you in all situations. Of course, a live elephant has a completely different effect, but who is lucky enough to meet a live elephant on a regular basis.

If you love elephants and mandalas equally, you can also find tapestries with elephant mandala as a perfect combination! The wall hangings with circular mandalas tell their own story of the nomads of Rajasthan and their elephants.