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Tibetan prayer flags

Tibetan prayer flags with Buddhist mantras and blessings. Weathering a prayer flag sends the prayers to heaven to bring peace to the world. A prayer flag can be used indoor and outdoors.

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Tibetan prayer flags

Almost everyone knows the colorful pennants in the five colors of the elements. Anyone who sees the colorful strings of flags can immediately feel welcome. For this reason, prayer flags can be found at every Buddhist temple, in public parks or yoga studios. They express a sense of peace and tranquility. The mantras and blessings printed on them get into the air by weathering the prayer flags and carry peace to the world. Learn more about the meaning of Tibetan prayer flags in our blog.

Buy prayer flags from Karmandala

In our store you can buy prayer flags made of cotton as well as viscose. All prayer flags are sourced from long term producers in Nepal. The flags are handmade and printed with Buddhist blessings.

Whether as a short pennant chain for home as well as extra long, large flag chain for the garden. The colorful prayer flags are available in different designs:

  • 100% cotton: if you want to buy prayer flags and hang them outside, we recommend a variant made of purely natural material. This way the flags can weather and no plastic gets into the environment.
  • Viscose: the semi-synthetic fiber is very supple and gives the flags a soft feel and uniform look. Prayer flags made of viscose usually show a detailed print.
  • Silk: Prayer flags made of silk are very rare and are considered the noble version. The silk fabric shines in the sunlight, is very flowing and often shows sacred figures and Buddhas. When buying silk prayer flags, make sure it is not a blended fabric!
  • Polyester: Polyester prayer flags are very common, contrary to the original idea of the flags. Especially among non-believers, the durable plastic is very popular. This does not necessarily have to be bad. For home use, prayer flags made of plastic are very durable and therefore do not need to be bought regularly after.
  • Short prayer flags are wonderful for indoor use. For example, over the door or over the bed can often be found flag chains with small pennants.
  • Long prayer flags are recommended for the garden or public parks. There, the flag chains with large pennants come into their own perfectly and can be seen from far away.
In our store, you can sort by material and length using the filters to help you make a better decision when buying.

We offer prayer flags for every place and every occasion. Depending on where you want to hang your flag chains, different lengths and sizes of individual pennants are suitable.

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