Curtain Clips gold

From $1,99

From $1,99

Curtain Clips in Gold with hook

The ideal clips to hang a tapestry.

The advantage of the Golden Clips


If you want to hang your gold tapestry, you’ll also need gold clips for it. This will give your wall hanging the finishing touch. Of course, you can also take a clip that matches the background color of your tapestry. But golden brackets support the effect of a gold tapestry.



Gardinenklammern in gold zur Befestigung

Length: 3 cm long, from tip to hook
Width: 0,9 cm
Deüth:  1,1 cm

How to hang a tapestry with the clips?

You do not need to pierce the tapestry with nails or pins to hang it. Thanks to the staples, your tapestry will not be damaged when hanging.

Holes in the tapestry shorten the longevity

If you puncture your tapestry, the fabric will suffer over time. Gravity will pull on your tapestry and the fabric may split or even tear at the holes. Thanks to the staples, the life of the wall decoration will be prolonged and the fabric will not be unnecessarily strained.
The staples are not only suitable for tapestry. They are very practical and versatile to hang, stretch and decorate light things.

Hang your tapestry right

How to hang a tapestry with the clips gently, you will learn in our blog article.

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