Curtains golden Lotus white


Only 5 left in stock

🌱100 % Cotton
✋🏽Handmade in India
🌏Fair trade


Only 5 left in stock

🌱100 % Cotton
✋🏽Handmade in India
🌏Fair trade

Curtains with golden Lotus on white fabric

Indian gold curtains made of cotton, handmade from the tapestry Golden Lotus white.

The golden curtains are opaque, but translucent. A curtain in white provides low darkening in the room, but the thin fabric lets sunlight through.

On the upper edge, each curtain scarf has sewn loops for hanging on any standard curtain rod.


approx. 200 cm long + approx. 10 cm loops.

approx. 230 cm wide, consisting of two parts.

These Mandala curtains consist of a pair of two curtain scarves, which. when closed. show the full mandala.

Both parts of the curtain have sewn loops. This allows the curtain to hang on any curtain rod without the need for additional curtain rings.


100% Cotton

Artfully handmade in Rajasthan, India.

What does the lotus flower mean?

The golden lotus flower resembles a mandala and is surrounded by an oriental pattern of flowers and tendrils.

The concentric pattern of the curtains blend into a whole when the curtain is closed. This makes the golden curtains look like a gate opening in front of the window.

According to Buddhist legends, Buddha was born in a lotus flower. The lotus is considered a symbol of knowledge, purity and enlightenment

This gold curtain is also available in black and gold as well as a tapestry in many different colors and sizes.


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