Curtains Ombre Mandala purple pink


In stock

🌱100 % Cotton
✋🏽Handmade in India
🌏Fair trade


In stock

🌱100 % Cotton
✋🏽Handmade in India
🌏Fair trade

Curtain Ombre Mandala purple pink

Curtain with traditional mandala in light purple and pink. Opaque, but translucent.


approx. 200 cm long + approx. 10 cm loops

approx. 230 cm wide, consisting of two parts.

The mandala curtain consists of two curtains, which when closed represent the complete mandala.

Both parts of the curtain have sewn loops. This means that the curtain can be hung on any curtain rod without the need for additional curtain rings or the like.


100% cotton

The fabric is made of pure cotton and is as thick as that of traditional wall towels or thin bedspreads.

The curtain lets sunlight through and bathes the room in pleasantly subdued light when the sun comes in.

In our blog you will learn the meaning and definition of mandalas. If you want to know which curtain suits your living or work space best, be sure to read on! Below you will find out interesting facts about this beautiful mandala curtain in purple-pink.

The large mandala in the colors pink and purple does not fail to have an effect: pink is often associated with spring. It is a lovely and reserved color, gentle and peaceful. For this extraordinary Indian mandala curtain pink was combined with purple. Purple or violet is the color of the crown chakra and supports spirituality.

The oriental curtain is ideal for rooms in which topics such as self-realization, meditation, peaceful, creative work or body work are popular.

Elaborately handcrafted in Rajasthan, India.

The ombre mandala in purple pink is also available as a tapestry in different sizes.

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