Golden Tapestry Hand of Fatima maroon


🌱⠀100% Cotton
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
🌏⠀Fair trade


🌱⠀100% Cotton
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
🌏⠀Fair trade

Gold Tapestry with Hamsa in dark red


Indian wall hanging with the hand of Fatima in noble gold color on fabric in dark red.


Gold symbolizes clarity, vitality and inspiration. The color is said to increase self-esteem and help with fear and insecurities. In esotericism, gold also symbolizes the highest point of spiritual development. No less is it owed to its value for exclusivity and wealth.


Accent color


The hand symbol with the all-seeing eye in the palm of the hand – known as “Fatima’s hand” can be seen in the center of the wall hanging.

Fatima’s hand is also called Hamsa (Arabic “five”) and is a cultural symbol that is supposed to ward off the jinn and the evil eye. The stylized representation of Fatima’s hand is symmetrical, the thumb and little finger are the same size and point outwards.

The protective symbol is surrounded by a pattern of oriental elements. You can see flowers and geometric figures. Leaves and tendrils form the edge, which frame the holy hand.

You want to know more about the meaning of Fatima’s hand?

Then read our blog article about Hamsa, the holy hand.

Spatial effect

Shiny gold paint on fabric in dark red gives the tangled pattern a strong contrast and the filigree elements stand out more clearly. The gold color used for the Karmandala tapestries shimmers like real gold, depending on the angle of incidence of the light.

A tapestry with only one basic color and gold painting forms an exclusive focal point in every room. Whether living room, bedroom or kitchen, the golden tapestry with Fatima’s hand refines the room without showing off and bragging.

Care instructions

Pflegehinweis nicht waschen
Pflegehinweis nicht bleichen
Pflegehinweis nicht trommeltrocknen
Pflegehinweis bügeln
Pflegehinweis nicht chemisch reinigen



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