Incense Sticks Copal Blanco | Namaste India


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🌱⠀Purely Vegetable
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
👑⠀High quality


In stock

🌱⠀Purely Vegetable
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
👑⠀High quality

Incense Sticks sacred resin from Namaste India

Indian incense sticks with Copal Blanco (sacred resin of the Maya) aroma from the company Namaste India.

Copal Blanco, also called sacred resin, is a tree resin from South America. The ethereal smelling resin is often burned for rituals and gives off a calming scent. The aroma resembles a mix of frankincense, camphor, and citrus scent.

Ancient civilizations of South America, such as the Maya, attribute health-promoting effects to the aromatic smoke of the sacred resin. Shamans also use Copal Blanco for rituals such as future predictions and spiritual cleansing.

If you are interested in the background of Indian incense, read more about the production and meaning of traditional incense → here.

Content: 15g – 16 sticks

Burning time: approx. 45 minutes

With practical box in mandala design.

Never leave glowing incense sticks unattended. Use on a fireproof surface.
Keep out of reach of children and animals. Air rooms regularly after burning incense.

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Copal Blanco

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45 min

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