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🌱⠀Purely Vegetable
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
👑⠀High quality from Goloka®


In stock

🌱⠀Purely Vegetable
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
👑⠀High quality from Goloka®

Goloka Incense Sticks Patchouli

Incense with patchouli aroma, refined with essential resins and oils.
Patchouli incense has an intense woody scent with an earthy aroma. Burning patchouli incense has an invigorating effect and is said to stimulate creativity.
Incense with patchouli is also used to relieve anxiety and neutralize negative energies.

Content: 15g – 16 sticks

Burning time: approx. 45 minutes

Premium insence sticks from Goloka

  • traditional handrolled
  • vegan, without animal by-products
  • from natural ingredients such as tree bark, sandalwood, spices and resins.

Goloka is a charitable organization run by missionaries from Bangalore. The organization uses 100% of its profits to support various foundations:

  • The akshaya patra foundation: A foundation that provides a daily meal for 1.8 million school children in India.
  • Promotion of organic farming: Training and support for Indian farmers in Kerala and Karnataka to promote organic and ecological farming practices.
  • Cow protection: In collaboration with the government of Rajasthan, India’s largest state, providing shelter and food for homeless and stray cows.

For more info, visit: →

If you are interested in the background of Indian incense, read more about the production and meaning of traditional incense → here.

Never leave glowing incense sticks unattended. Use on a fireproof surface.
Keep out of reach of children and animals. Air rooms regularly after burning incense.

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earthy, Masala, Patchouli

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45 min

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