Tapestry Ombre Mandala purple pink

From $14,95

🌱⠀100% Cotton
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
🌏⠀Fair trade

From $14,95

🌱⠀100% Cotton
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
🌏⠀Fair trade

Tapestry with Ombre Mandala in purple & pink

Decorate your walls with a pleasant gradient from purple to pink and give yourself emotional balance.

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The tapestry has a white background. The gradient of the mandala changes from purple to pink.


From the right and left the color purple stretches into the interior of the mandala. Up and down it merges with the pink. Purple, or violet, is the color of spirituality. It is supposed to promote mental equilibrium and determination. Except for a few advertisements of the sunset and a few flowers, purple hardly occurs in nature. This gives the color something mystical and magical. One associates dignity and wisdom with color.


Pink is a tender, sweet, and kitschy color. Pink represents romance, gentleness and affection. Pink is often associated with an exaggerated positive portrayal of events. For example, you can see something through rose-colored glasses and paint your future in the most rosy colors.


Main color 1


Main color 2




The background color of this tapestry is actually not a color at all. White is the absence of all colors and at the same time it contains all colors. White has an encouraging, radiant effect and symbolizes freshness. White is the color of the peace flag and stands for peace in the world. The perfection of everything is symbolized in spirituality.


Floral mandala with a central blossom, ornamental rings and a loose border pattern.

A mandala tapestry has a calming effect on the viewer.

Practitioners use a mandala wall hangings as an optical meditation aid. Focusing the mandala helps to release mental blockages and supports the ability to concentrate.

If you find the topic exciting and you are more interested in it, then you are probably interested in our article “What is a mandala“.

Spatial effect

As a wall decoration, a mandala tapestry promotes concentration.

Tapestries with a white background will make your room look brighter. The sunlight reflects on the cloth and the surface shines.

The mandala in purple pink has a calming effect and fits perfectly into rooms with light colors. As you can see on the customer picture, it fits perfectly in rooms with many white colors. It attracts attention without provoking. It gives the room a welcome balance.

Since purple is supposed to promote emotional balance and pink has something gentle about it, this wall cloth is perfect for the bedroom.

Care instructions

Pflegehinweis Handwäsche
Pflegehinweis nicht bleichen
Pflegehinweis nicht trommeltrocknen
Pflegehinweis bügeln
Pflegehinweis nicht chemisch reinigen



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