Tapestry Peacock Mandala maroon blue orange

From 24,95

🌱⠀100% Cotton
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
🌏⠀Fair trade

From 24,95

🌱⠀100% Cotton
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
🌏⠀Fair trade

Tapestry peacock mandala in red, blue and orange


The peacock mandalas convince with their variety of colors, which in their entirety create a unique work of art. The basic color of the peacock mandalas is therefore not as dominant as in our golden wall hangings. Depending on your mood, you may even recognize colors that are not present at all upon closer inspection. This perception arises from the visual mixing of the individual colors.

Main Colors

The main colors of the wall hanging are dark red, blue and orange. Accents are set by the color white.

Dark red

The ground color of this peacock mandala is a dark red. Red is the color of love. Red is a very strong color and can give us courage, decisiveness and self-confidence. In parts of Asia, red also represents good luck and is said to drive away evil spirits. Red is a very warm color.


The second inner circle of the wall hanging is blue. Blue is the color of infinity, because blue reminds us of the wide sky and the boundless sea. Besides, blue represents trust and reliability.


A secondary color that runs through the wall hanging is orange. Orange stands for optimism, for energy and activity. But also tenderness, health and cordiality are associated with the color. Orange promotes creativity and stimulates the drive.

Dark red

Ground color


Inner circle


Sub color


Accent color

Accent Colors


From further away you will see the color at the tips of the peacock feather. Here and there, however, upon closer inspection, you will also see shades of white in other parts of the mandala. White is uplifting and symbolizes freshness. White is the color of peace flags and doves, symbolizing peace in the world. In spirituality, white symbolizes the perfection of all that is.


The tapestry is characterized by an Indian mandala, where the individual elements are peacock feathers. Surrounding the mandala is an oriental pattern of minimalist and beautiful flowers, leaves and tendrils.

A mandala has a calming effect on its viewer.

Practitioners use mandala wall hangings as a visual meditation aid. Focusing on the mandala helps to release mental blockages and supports the ability to concentrate.

If you find the topic exciting and you are more interested in it, have a look at our article “What is a mandala”.


As you can see from this close-up, the soft, cool blue between the strong and warm red and orange tones looks almost magical. Like the artistic spectacle of nature when hot magnetic currents flow into the Arctic Ocean.

The individual colors of this Mandala tapestry blend in their entirety to create a magical work of art. When looked at for longer, a peacock feather mandala has an almost hypnotic effect.

A mandala also has a calming effect and is therefore perfect for the bedroom. A peacock mandala next to the bed creates a soothing and cozy atmosphere.

Care instructions

Pflegehinweis Handwäsche
Pflegehinweis nicht bleichen
Pflegehinweis nicht trommeltrocknen
Pflegehinweis bügeln
Pflegehinweis nicht chemisch reinigen



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