Tapestry Star Mandala green black

From $24,95

🌱⠀100% Cotton
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
🌏⠀Fair trade

From $24,95

🌱⠀100% Cotton
✋🏽⠀Handmade in India
🌏⠀Fair trade

Tapestry with Star Mandala in green black

A jungle for home, what nature lover has never dreamed of? With this oriental wall hanging in rich green your room will become a jungle.


The main color of the tapestry is green. The background color is black and accents are set by white.


The dominant hue in this mandala is a beautiful dark green. Green symbolizes life and stands for relaxation. Last but not least, green is also the color of nature. Meadows and forests are green. Shades of green expand oppressive, small spaces.


Black is a wonderful opaque color. The reason for this is simple. Black is as dark as the night itself. As a result, every other color comes out better on a black background than on any comparable one. Used skillfully as a color, black can enhance all emotional responses. Black stands for elegance. Black is also the color of creativity, as everything is born out of darkness.



Accent color


In this star mandala, contrasting accents are set next to the dark colors with the brightest of all colors. Admittedly, white is not a real color. White is the absence of all colors and at the same time it contains all colors. White is uplifting, radiant and symbolizes freshness. White is the color of the peace flag and stands for peace in the world. In spirituality, white symbolizes the perfection of everything.


The mandala consists of star-shaped patterns. Decorations are set from elephants, paisley and floral elements.

A mandala has a calming effect

Practitioners use a mandala on the wall as a visual meditation aid. Focusing on the mandala helps to release mental blocks and supports the ability to concentrate.
If you want to learn more about the effect of concentric patterns, read our blog article on the meaning of mandalas→.


With the geometric shapes, the star mandala looks predictable and relaxing. The individual colors of this tapestry seem separate from each other, although they merge into each other. With prolonged viewing, you will discover more and more stars in the star mandala.

This green star mandala exudes a close connection with nature.
If your room is decorated with a lot of plants, you should hang this tapestry behind the plants. This will make looking at your plants seem like looking into a lush green jungle.

A mandala has a calming effect and is therefore perfect for the bedroom. A star mandala next to or above the bed creates an exciting atmosphere.


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