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Tapestry XXL in 230×210 cm

Looking for a really big tapestry? The largest size Indian tapestry measures approx. 230×210 cm and is probably the best known and the most popular tapestry variant. A tapestry in XXL size you can hang on the wall in a few simple steps and get your individual style in no time in your own four walls. A large mandala tapestry attracts all eyes and immediately forms the center of the entire room. A giant tapestry with an Indian motif like a large Elephant tapestry or a Hindu deity gives the environment something oriental and soothing.

Tapestry XXL with fairy lights

In combination with a matching light chain, which illuminates the XXL tapestry either frontally or from the back, the large wall hanging looks even more powerful and makes it very cozy. Especially in the bedroom, you can always find a perfect place for a large tapestry with Indian patterns. A Mandala tapestry is suitable for hanging on the ceiling above the bed. This way you can contemplate the concentric pattern in the evening and will appreciate the calming effect of a mandala. If you are looking for inspiration for a Bedroom tapestry, browse through our gallery. And if you already have an XXL tapestry at home, feel free to send us a picture so we can expand it.